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Smart social campaigns are here.

Our data-first approach defines today’s marketing initiatives, enabling your brand to connect with the right audience for the best results.

How it works

We create content for you, or together

We focus on the creative details that are eye-catching to customers to keep their appeal to your brand. With Qonkur, you can add requests as you see fit, and follow up on requests your account manager helps create for you.

Cannabis Marketing Agency
Cannabis Marketing Agency
View your social media calendar months in advance

With Qonkur, your social media gets planned out months in advance, so you don't have to worry about missed posts or late deadlines.

Add your own 

Add any request and assign it to a group. With Qonkur, we give you the full creative overview of your brands. From Social Media requests, graphic design requests, even Video and Photo Production.

Cannabis Marketing Agency
Cannabis Marketing Agency
View all of your assets in one place

Qonkur has no limitations when it comes to you. Easily access all of your brand assets from Logos, Packaging, Guidelines, and even templates.

We make ordering merchandise easy

We've made it easier than ever to get quotes and place orders on all types of merchandise. Apparel, stickers, packaging, and even billboards.

Cannabis Marketing Agency
Stop waiting for follows. Let's post together.
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