Helping todays youth

build a better tomorrow.

Qonkur has helped deliver over one billion impressions and has helped manage marketing budgets that exceed $100 million dollars.

What is Qonkur.ORG?

Qonkur.Org, a Qonkur Media Company, helps empower the youth of Metro Detroit by offering free marketing educational courses. Our experts are responsible for the most recognizable brands in Metro Detroit.

Cannabis Marketing Agency
Cannabis Marketing Agency

What do we do?

Our marketing experts have pledged to offer up to 15 hours a week, to help Metro Detroit Youth gain experience in the marketing and advertising field. 

Why Detroit?

Qonkur Media group was founded and is based out of Detroit. Despite having satellite office locations, we've always focused on staying in Detroit. After-all, it is OUR city.

Who Qualifies?

Anyone under the age of 21 and is interested in marketing! We want to help your QONKUR!

*Must reside in Metro Detroit

Cannabis Marketing Agency

Why Detroit?