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We are Qonkur;

A Michigan based 

Marketing agency.


Where we make

your ideas happen.

In 2018, Qonkur Media was started with just two clients, marketing knowledge, and a photographer. Jump ahead two years, Qonkur is now the #1 Cannabis Marketing Agency in Michigan.

2020 was a paramount year in Qonkur's history, beginning with their move from Dearborn Heights to their new headquarters in Ferndale. They have started "Qonkurcast", a podcast that covers all things cannabis and design, all while growing their clientele and employees tenfold. 


Future plans include designing and building their own custom headquarters in the next year, going international by 2025, expanding more into the non-cannabis marketing industry, and ultimately becoming the largest marketing company in the world.

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Most brands only grow or sell cannabis,

But they don’t market or brand it.

We create identities and content to

make their ideas happen.

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How can Michigan's #1 Cannabis Agency help

Americas Leading Vape Cart Company

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4D Videos

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4D Product Renders


Turn AIs into Full 4D Render Assets

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Media Buying

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Public Relations

Qonkur has the largest network of cannabis approved publishers in Michigan.

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Qonkur can help you grow from every marketing aspect.