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Qonkur Media launches Qonkur Eats, a new hands-free menu platform for businesses.

This year has been one of the most challenging years our clients have faced since 2008. Businesses have struggled to remain open due to lack of funds, lack of customers, and pure fear of catching the COVID-19 virus. Earlier this month, we pledged $100,000 to struggling businesses that cannot afford general marketing costs.

Our team worked hard to find a solution to reduce printing costs on new menus, but found a hands-free menu to be more effective.

Qonkur Media is proud to announce Qonkur Eats, a new hands-free menu platform that will help the food industry. The concept is simple: you scan a QR code and get the restaurant's menu instantly on your phone. Traditional menus swap hundreds of hands a day, and Qonkur Eats solves that.

The Instant Menu that appears after scanning a Qonkur Eats label

The platform is free for all restaurants, but a charge applies when you need more labels. Qonkur Eats will provide the site and the menu hosting, and even ship you five labels for five tables inside of your restaurant.

To sign up for free, visit

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