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Michigan’s Finest Branding Agency: Clutch Recognizes Qonkur Media Group

Branding is perhaps one of the most crucial marketing factors a business should keep in mind. It’s not just the logo, font choices, posts, and product — branding encompasses almost anything. According to official research, more than 70% of consumers are attracted to brands that have helpful customer services.

Here at Qonkur Media Group, we understand the importance of branding and how it can help you stand out. Known as Ferndale, Michigan’s leading branding agency, our team makes ideas happen. We bring vibrance to brands across the United States.

Thanks to our excellence and our clients’ success, we’ve recently been recognized as one of Michigan’s best branding agencies during the esteemed Clutch 2021 Leaders Awards!

To give further depth, Clutch is a B2B review and rating platform that allows businesses to find the right partner for their needs. Each year, the site’s team analyzes thousands of service providers from different industries across the globe to determine the greatest and brightest.

Considering that this isn’t our first milestone on the platform, we are absolutely gracious about this award. To extend our sentiments, here are a few words from our beloved CEO:

“The team is excited. It's our second award of the year and we're sure there is more to come.”

— Chief Executive Officer of Qonkur Media Group

We attribute this win to our clients. Without them, our team wouldn’t be here today. We owe our success to them — thank you for the support and trust. This success is a reflection of our clients’ satisfaction. We are proud to be a five-star rating agency on Clutch!

Hear what our clients say about us:

“No matter the date, time, or holiday, they always answer. They’ve never left us hanging, and whenever we need something, it’s immediately given to us. In fact, we have our own dedicated team.”

— President, Empire Brands

“Their ability to achieve excellence stands out to me. For example, we had a video script for a commercial with Tommy Chong in Michigan. They dropped out at the last minute because he had to film a commercial in California.”

— Owner & Founder, MKX Oil Co

Talk to us and let’s work together! Drop us a line and give us a call directly. Qonkur Media Group is looking forward to collaborating with you.


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