Covid Relief

Qonkur Media pledges $100,000 marketing fund to help struggling businesses during Covid-19

We are proud to announce that Qonkur Media Group has pledged $100,000 to help small businesses that have laid off or cannot afford marketing services. Companies such as retail shops, restaurants, and professional service groups are encouraged to apply. Services Include Website Landing Pages, Social Media Notices, Graphic Design, & Videography.

Our #1 goal is your company’s success – and we realize that success can mean something different during challenging times like this. Over the past few years, we have seen and proven how effective marketing is to one’s business. That’s why, whether you need a simple walkthrough on using social video, or you have questions about how to pivot your brand’s messaging, our expert marketing and communication team members are here to support you – with absolutely no obligations asked.

We encourage all businesses to apply, but kindly ask to think of the small companies that need this the most. 

Designers that are seeking employment please apply here.

Qonkur Media pledges $100,000 marketing fund to help Black/LGBTQ+ owned businesses during Covid-19

Qonkur is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community both local and at large. As we reflect on the events of the last few months, it is essential that more action is taken by companies large and small to change the culture we live in for the better.


Here at Qonkur we think it is important to lead by example. We are committed to taking action to improve our own practices as a company, hiring diverse talents, and giving back to the communities who put us where we are now. To give back, Qonkur is doing $100,000 of marketing work for free for Black and LGBTQ+ businesses. The program is designed to help companies affected by  the COVID-19 Pandemic, and aims to provide professional branding resources for local businesses.

Apply for Covid Relief

Thanks for submitting! One of our team members will be in touch shortly with an update on your application. Please be patient as we are processing multiple applications.