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Merchandise & Apparel

The swag that brings everyone back.

Unique merchandise and apparel can help build loyalty and create long-term relationships between your brand and customers.

Cannabis Marketing Agency

Fun Merchandise

No more boundaries on whats possible

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom merchandise. From snowboards to helmets, we can design and source anything for your brand; domestically or internationally.

Hard Merchandise

Signs, trays, lighters, grinders, and more.

Let Qonkur become your turn-key extension for any type of merchandise that you may need for your brand. We are capable of activating any type of campaign for our clients.

Cannabis Marketing Agency
Cannabis Marketing Agency

Soft Merchandise

Shirts, hats, hoodies, socks, just about anything.

From full collections to give away items, we have helped source millions of soft merchandise and apparel items for our clients.

You name it, we can help make it.
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